SikiTales #245 — Two Ensenada Hurricanines Back To Back!

From the desk of meteorologist Siki………..

Hello again!

Well its the fall and definitely has turned cooler here in Ensenada. On top of the chill, it’s been breezy. As a result, I spend almost half my day inside one of my toasty blankets.

A rare Baja occurrence has been the back to back Ensenada Hurricanines that we are facing. Last week was Rosa and next week is Sergio. This one started out near the Mexican state of Sinaloa and was supposed to head straight west and not bother anybody.

However, early next week, a stronger ‘steering’ wind heading northeast will drive Sergio toward the Baja and then on into the U.S. southwest and beyond. Along its path will be wind, rain and then finally snow!

While I am predicting that Sergio should make landfall between Guerrero Negro and San Quintin later this next week, it may just be a tropical storm by then since the waters that it draws from are colder. It will also be sailing through a low pressure front.

Here in Ensenada, it should be breezy over the next week. Then, similar to Hurricanine Sergio, we may just get some scattered rains and sprinkles. Anyway, you may want to take a light jacket and umbrella when you go out and about just in case.

Why do I call these hurricanines instead of hurricanes? Because like most dogs, their bark is worse then their bite! At least that’s true here in Ensenada most of the time.

However, that hasn’t always been the case. During one terrible storm that hammered Ensenada, the caskets out of a local cemetery left their graves and floated out to sea. They were never seen again. A human friend of mine’s grandfather was one of these that a hurricane ‘reinterred’ into Davy Jone’s locker!

Until next time!

Galan Siki Cota


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